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By combining our commitment to global peace and sustainable finance, we hope to create economic opportunities that help conflict-affected communities prosper.

About ICO-impact

“ICO is an independent, neutral and international NGO dedicated to the protection of human rights. ICO is a voice for voiceless and advocates for economic, social, political and cultural rights, and provides a platform to create an environment of cross-community cooperation and respect within and among communities. By making resources as well expert advice available to them, we hope to give communities a platform so that they are heard and taken seriously. ICO works to continuously develop best partices in accordance with international law and to look for innovative solutions so that compromises can be reached. At ICO we believe that peace and stability are crucial for communities to thrive and for future generations to prosper. Transition and recovery can be facilitated by economic opportunities that are inclusive and collaborative. By following this approach we support developmental strategies, better governance and cross-cultural partnerships.

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Current Projects


As a result of local aspirations, ICO seeks to fund large infrastructure projects through which local stakeholders from both North and South Mitrovica will agree on the ownership of the land and projects, and run the businesses together in Mitrovica.


By bringing together a large variety of stakeholders to discuss frictions between anglophone and francophone communities, we hope to foster a tangible path forward by learning from numerous different perspectives. This path forward will be supported by significant investment in the country. The goal is to fund projects which will contribute to economic growth and poverty alleviation for both communities, working towards lasting peace and collaboration.

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Do you offer a service related to sustainable finance or conflict resolution? Do you have experience in working in conflict affected areas? Are you leading a relevant project which needs financing? Become part of our network. Our ambition to bridge traditional conflict resolution and reconciliation strategies with investments that can kickstar post-conflit development and help foster collaboration between divided communities requires the help of wide network. Wether you are an academic, a community leader, a project manager or perhaps a mediation expert, we always welcome the opportunity to learn from others, collaborate and create lasting partnerships.

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