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Financial Assistance.

ICO-impact : financial-assistance-vector

Macro Finance (Large Projects)


For larger projects ICO-impact has up to US $1.5 2bn funding available for a mix of private and public opportunities. The term length for these projects are expected to be around 10 years. These funding will particularly focus on projects, such as airports, toll roads, ports, factories, business parks, large hospital complex and commercial buildings, or sustainable energy plants. These will aim to boost economic development through job creation and cross-cultural collaboration by ensuring inclusive practices.  

The financial assistance we provide aims to serve 2 key categories. Firstly, ICO-impact sees SMEs as the backbone of job creation, inclusive development and increased competitiveness. Secondly, ICO-impact wishes to support large impact investment funds predominantly in agriculture, energy and infrastructure which can dramatically increase the standard of living for communities. By combatting food insecurity, increasing the access to power and electricity and improving domestic connectivity, we hope to boost economies and facilitate further growth.   

 SME Funding  


We will provide financial assistance of successful investment proposal for start-ups with more than 2 years operations with a strong track record. The maximum ticket for SMEs will range from €30k to €500k. We will provide both financial assistance, resources and mentoring necessary for the SME to succeed.  

Glass Buildings


Insurance backed bonds

Traditionally Bonds have financed large Corporations but they increasingly are used for funding alternative asset classes such as infrastructure development and portfolios.  ICO-impact now issues the Bond, which is a form of loan note for the construction of the infrastructure project. In all other respects, the construction is standard.  Payment is deferred for up to 3-12 years.

The Bond has an 8% coupon with an insurance wrap around it and is posted on Bloomberg. The proposed development sits inside the Bond, which is then funded by the ICO’s panel of Banks and pension funds.

Once the project is funded, there will be no capital repayment until the of the term.

Two structures, one funds 100% and one funds 90%.

Funding of a project normally takes 4 months from acceptance of the project to availability of the funds. There is a refundable administrative cost.

Who can apply ?

At the moment, ICO is particularly interested in receiving applications in the following focus areas : 


Large-scale infrastructure projects  such as new airports, toll roads, ports, factories, business parks and commercial building to assist with economic development, job creation and cross-community collaboration.

Projects which focus on developing the next generation of leaders by working towards a widespread understanding of the rights and responsibilities.

Projects which contribute  strategies for the implementation of the International Bill of Rights (the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights) in their communities.


Applicants are encouraged to integrate community-based approaches into their project design.  Download the Due Diligence form  below and return to: 


We organise committee meetings several times a year.  If your project objectives match our requirements, you will be contacted about the process.  

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